On Changes…


On March 19, 2014, several changes occurred to this website. I outline them below:

  • I am no longer able to share any research regarding NASCAR’s Nielsen television ratings. All previous essays that analyze those data have been removed as well. Some other articles have been deleted, too.
  • This website has evolved into “RACINGnomics.com“. Queries for NASCARnomics.com will automatically re-direct to RACINGnomics.com for a brief period of time.
  • My current Twitter account will also develop into @RACINGnomics in the coming days. If you already follow @NASCARnomics, you will not need to do anything new to continue communicating with me via social media.

The purpose of this website is to advance public knowledge of the NASCAR industry. It saddens me that much of my work has been judged as counter-productive toward that goal. While my efforts shine a very objective light on NASCAR’s popularity, my research carries absolutely no malicious intent toward any organization whatsoever.

Those who know me personally understand that I have devoted immeasurable energy to these studies with no compensation. I will continue searching for ways to distribute thoughtful content without offending various entities.

These stipulations, however, open the door for a holistic survey of industry business. The scope of this project will expand to include series affiliated with ARCA, FIA, INDYCAR, and USAC.

If you have any questions or comments, you may contact me via e-mail andrew@racingnomics.com or on Twitter.

Thank you.


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